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We have experience and expertise in carrying out dozens of deep cleans during the current Covid 19 Coronavirus outbreak.

Please contact us if you require a Coronavirus deep clean of your premises.

It is believed only 49% of surfaces are cleaned and disinfected correctly in hospitals with general cleaning done correctly reducing 80% of micro-organisms.

This is due to lack of training, knowledge and in correct use of chemical whilst not really knowing anything about the virus you are trying to kill in the respective environment.

The odds are the DNA or RNA will still be able to be found in and around your offices, however the virus in all likelihood will be dead due to the breakdown of the lipid and capsid proteins. We would still, however carry out a CDDC and at least improve your daily cleaning disinfection regime to frequently touched areas as a minimum.

A virus is a non-living organism and needs a host cell or proteins to multiply. By carrying out the following correctly we will remove their vehicle for multiplication and break down the lipid proteins that make them up.

The good news is that the corona virus is an enveloped virus which means it is the least resistant to disinfection. It is enveloped in a lipid protein which breaks down fairly easy once disinfected. Beneath the lipid envelope is a capsid protein which surrounds the DNA/RNA of the virus. The other good news is that our skin is by nature highly anti-microbial and breaks down proteins fairly quickly ( some estimates at 20 minutes) – the issue is that we touch our face 15 times per hour on average!)

For your information a non-enveloped virus first line of defence is the capsid protein which is very resistant to disinfecting due to having waterproof and sometimes waxy layers making them more difficult to dry out and therefore die.

When carrying out the deep clean we ensure that we clean with a standard detergent all surfaces prior to disinfecting – this is because disinfecting agents are rendered insufficient by organic materials.

We would:

  • Use disposable equipment and materials for incineration.
  • Launder and materials to 65 degrees if you plan to re-use.
  • Start the cleaning process in the worst areas working to the cleanest – this is to limit cross-contamination.
  • Use the correct chemicals . The tablets we use for dilution have a dual action of both detergent and disinfecting which are recommended by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. These chemicals break down the proteins which disable them.
  • Ensure correct contact time with a minimum of 30 seconds – (the longer the better).
  • Correct PPE worn – preferably disposable for incineration.

Rapid Protein Residue Tests

We are also able to provide Rapid Protein Residue Tests.

The CWC360 PRO-Clean Rapid Protein Residue Tests are an easy and accurate way to verify the cleanliness of surfaces.

rapid protein residue test

We simply swab the surface and release the reagent.

If protein residue is present, the reagent will turn purple - the more contamination the quicker the colour changes and the darker it becomes. CWC360 PRO Clean instantly validates surface hygiene allowing immediate corrective action to be taken when necessary.

  • Results in 10 minutes
  • Easy to interpret colour change
  • Pre-moistened swab provides for reliable collection
  • Detects 80 ug protein after 1 minute
  • Detects 50 ug protein after 5 minutes
  • Detects 20 ug protein after 10 minutes
  • Disregard any colour change after 10 minutes

CWC360 cleaning serves clients throughout the North West of England, including:
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